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— This second installment to the three-part series in recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month continues its focus on new research to reduce risks and prevent the disease.

Carrying one or two copies of the risk variant of the gene Apolipoprotein E (“APOE e4”) increases a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to people who do not carry the risk variant.

“Feeding the hungry is an evergreen effort,” said Simone Moore, AARP interim associate state director. Smita Patel There is a growing body of research that our vascular and metabolic health during mid-life matters when it comes to developing Alzheimer’s disease; a new study further adds to our understanding.

“AARP is committed to helping to close the hunger gap in communities nationwide, and we are doing our part locally.” Jewel Osco, at 443 E. Researchers analyzed over 30 years of follow-up data from the Whitehall II study, a well-known British public health study from 1985.

— AARP Illinois, in collaboration with the Chicago Sky and 4th Ward Aldermen Sophia King, Jewel Osco, will be collecting nonperishable food items at Jewel-Osco (443 E 34th St, Chicago, IL 60616) on December 12th (from 4-6pm), December 14th(4-6pm), and December 16th (11am-1pm).

On December 16th Sky Guy (mascot) and coaches from the Chicago Sky WNBA team will join us for a special day, where prizes and photos will be distributed.

LA BROCHA is a project whose goal is to offer art workshops to older Hispanic/Latino adults, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.

Over 150 attendees were present and AARP Illinois had a prominent role with Associate State Director, Advocacy & Outreach Álvaro R. — AARP Illinois is working with the Chicago Sky—the city’s WNBA team—and the Fourth Ward Jewel Osco grocery store in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood to host a food drive, Dec. The drive will benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

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