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Other harvesting sites are in cleared forest land, the herbs being considered a potential second source of revenue for the forestry industry who are now seriously investigating this possible cash crop. It has a recorded history of therapeutic use dating back to ancient China (where it was called Sun-lo and used for cooling an overheated system and as treatment for surface infections) and it was mentioned in the Formulary of Al-kindi ca. A tufted, descendent lichen, of greyish green and dry appearance.

As pollution and overcrowding despoils land in Europe, the vast untouched acreage of the New World can seem as attractive to modern day herbalists as it once did to our pioneer forebears. Strands are variable in length according to species but are easily differentiated from other lichens or hanging mosses by their dry almost brittle state.

Climate records from a Japanese lake are set to improve the accuracy of the dating technique, which could help to shed light on archaeological mysteries such as why Neanderthals became extinct.

Carbon dating is used to work out the age of organic material — in effect, any living thing.

The clock was initially calibrated by dating objects of known age such as Egyptian mummies and bread from Pompeii; work that won Willard Libby the 1960 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

But even he “realized that there probably would be variation”, says Christopher Bronk Ramsey, a geochronologist at the University of Oxford, UK, who led the latest work, published today in Science.

“They’re having a good time together,” added the source of the pair, who have been working on a video game together.

The news came three months after Williams officially split from wife Aryn Drake-Lee.

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Organisms capture a certain amount of carbon-14 from the atmosphere when they are alive.

Preserved leaves in the cores — “they look fresh as if they’ve fallen very recently”, Bronk Ramsey says — yielded 651 carbon dates that could be compared to the calendar dates of the sediment they were found in.

The recalibrated clock won’t force archaeologists to abandon old measurements wholesale, says Bronk Ramsey, but it could help to narrow the window of key events in human history.

As a rule, carbon dates are younger than calendar dates: a bone carbon-dated to 10,000 years is around 11,000 years old, and 20,000 carbon years roughly equates to 24,000 calendar years.

The problem, says Bronk Ramsey, is that tree rings provide a direct record that only goes as far back as about 14,000 years.

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