Dating in the dark couples still dating

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We weren’t going to be yelling at someone we didn’t know. But it took a learning curve, for sure.”“It’s crazy to think that at that point we only knew each for two weeks,” says Laura. Honestly, we didn’t even know we were in first place until we were in that mud and almost about to leave. “I’m going to take New Zealand, and Tyler’s going to take South Korea — even though I think South Korea is going to be really awesome, and now I’m wondering if I want to switch back!

We kind of surprised each other each step of the way with how well we were able to perform.”On the disadvantages of racing with a stranger:“I was really nervous because we weren’t going to be able to figure out a strategy beforehand,” says Laura. On how the season would have worked out if they were paired with some of the other blind date contestants:“Oh, God, I’m sorry, I have to say Jeff,” says Laura. I think he’s a nice guy but I don’t think we would’ve clicked as well. If he wasn’t able to figure out how to get that relationship going, I’m not too confident that I could have.”On their favorite moments from the race:“Driving a monster truck was by far my favorite thing,” says Tyler. It was the most incredible feeling.”“I absolutely loved being in Namibia,” says Laura. ”“I did some research, and there’s this mud festival in July,” says Tyler. That’s when I’m going to South Korea.”On the future of Team So Cal:“We’re still falling in love with the world,” says Laura.“We’re definitely still friends,” adds Tyler.

Jade didn’t say much while Tanner was giving his speech, but, luckily for Tanner (and me, because I was holding my breath the whole time), Jade echoed Tanner’s sentiments, saying that she, too, was falling for him.

Tanner asked Jade if she would officially be his girlfriend (it was very sixth grade), she obliged, and then the cameras artfully panned away. I really think that Tanner and Jade are in it for the long haul, y’all. Their communication is so on point, and we really haven’t seen any of the other long term couples on Bachelor In Paradise this season speak like this to each other.

, would race against five brand-new blind dates, introduced on the starting line for the very first time. On winning The Amazing Race: “It’s been amazing yet insanely overwhelming,” says Laura. Coming back from Dallas and having this huge secret you can’t share with anybody was very difficult, especially because I’m very close with all my friends and family.

For Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams, the blind-dating racers otherwise known as Team So Cal, the answer appears to be yes — in a manner of speaking. It’s amazing that we were able to have them there at our finale party and we were able to finally talk about this incredible opportunity that we had.”“It was absolutely fantastic,” says Tyler.

“We both knew the race, we were both big fans of the show, we had little strategies devised about how we were going to approach it, and we took it one challenge at a time.

Here’s what Laura and Tyler had to say about winning The Amazing Race, the pressure of participating in such an intense adventure with a complete stranger, their favorite moments, their greatest hardships, and what we can expect from their relationship moving forward.What followed would become an MTV signature: scripted dating shows that favored hot (often shirtless, fit and on Spring Break) 20-somethings look for the someone to screw, not marry.The clever set ups — blind dates in bedrooms, blind dates in vans, blind dates with parents — kept generations of teens glued to the channel, much in the same way music videos had the decade prior.I always liked Jade from Chris’ season of The Bachelor, and Tanner was one of the dark horses on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette.Together, they seem to be the unstoppable powerhouse of Bachelor In Paradise.

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