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Some of the standing lookouts even have beds and stoves for a first-come, first-serve overnight stay.*When I first began researching fire lookouts in 2010, there were 92 lookouts still standing in Washington.In the interest of being as up-to-date and correct as possible with the information I put on my website, I have included at the end of this page Craig's detailed notes of the differences between his list and mine.Devastating fires, such as the Yacolt Burn of 1902, inspired the construction of a vast National network of fire lookout stations in the 1920s.The year was 1962, and through 1966, a camp was the home to North Mountain's lookout.

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Also, it is likely there are a few obscure standing lookouts that are not identified on this page.

Presentation Description: In this edition of the Bellingham Mountaineers Winter Speaker Series, climber Steph Abegg and geologist Doug Mc Keever will join forces to discuss the variety of rock types that are most commonly encountered in climbs in Washington.

Steph will provide photos illustrating the various rock types and the quality of climbing they afford, while Doug will detail about the various compositions, origins, and locations of the different rock types.

First developed about 1926 with a 10x10' shake cabin, a 20' treated timber tower with L-4 cab replaced it in 1938.

The present 20' treated timber tower with L-4 cab, built in 1953, is staffed by volunteers.

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