Dating in your mind

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And also set some goals or some strategy for what you want to do differently going forward.

And that then kind of directs peoples’ attention to traits that might be desirable that they usually don’t go for – or puts them on alert for traits that are not good for them that they've had in the past.

So let’s say there’s someone who wants a man who’s tall and to him or her that means he’s 6-foot or taller.

Well, only 20 percent of men in the United States meet that criteria.

Online dating has made it a little easier, but knowing what to look for in a partner is something many people still struggle with in the modern dating world.

In this episode, we talk with psychologist Ty Tashiro who gives advice and tips on how to use psychological science to find lasting love, showing us that using our heads, and not just our hearts, can lead to our happily ever after.

And, I’ll give you an example of how that might work when you just do the math with it.So you can see after three wishes for traits, you really eliminate a lot of possibilities. It actually cuts out a lot of people that might have had traits that you really wanted.Audrey Hamilton : So those are the odds behind why you just can’t find the right, the right person? Audrey Hamilton : Do you encourage people to do the online dating, those websites, or what’s your opinion on how those work?Audrey Hamilton : This leads into what you’re talking about the three wishes within which you’re choosing someone to be with. You know, is there not one perfect person for everyone, that fairy tale romance? You never know what the evidence is against it, I guess.But I think there’s probably more than one person for people, but we also – a lot of the research shows that people want a lot of things, a lot of ideal traits or characteristics in a partner.

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