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She has been immensely blessed with a deep love for God and His children and she strives to find new ways to touch them.

The fact the Scientology has its own language makes it difficult for non-Scientologists to read Scientology texts and understand what ex-Scientologists are going on about.

College is her element; for Stephanie, education is not only a must but a pleasure.

People are her life and passion and she prides herself in surrounding herself with only the best.

On the surface, it appears to be the tender story of a wealthy polynesian trader who boost’s his wife’s confidence by purchasing her hand in marriage for eight cows, instead of the typical three or four.

That’s nice and all, but it never seemed quite enough for me; why did the church produce this movie? Is the message really as shallow as a person’s worth being what other people enumerate it to be?

I recall as a youth convincing our sunday school teacher to skip their lesson to let us watch it.

“Many things can happen to make a woman beautiful,” continues Johnny, “but the thing that matters most is what she thinks of herself.” In the same way many things can happen to help someone progress, but what matters most is that we each understand our own individual worth and divine potential.

Our Savior loved us so much, that even in our ugly fallen state he was willing to purchase us for an unimaginable price.

He did it so He could show us just how precious we are to Him.

Johnny silences the crowd and responds to Moki; “Three cows is many, but not enough for my Mahana!

I will give eight cows for Mahana.” The villagers were stunned! True to his word, Johnny brings the eight cows to Moki’s door and takes Mahana to wife. Johnny later remarks that he wanted a wife that knew she was worthwhile.

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