Dating my epiphone sheraton

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SCOTT: Yes, my main responsibility is to share my knowledge of building hand crafted musical instruments and work with the management team to continually improve and adhere to Gibson / Epiphone quality standards and specifications.

LLOYD: I would have to say that in many respects the American and Asian facilities are much more alike than not.

We work closely with local officials and residents by offering excellent employment with world class benefits as well as a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

This relationship has allowed us to develop and maintain a dedicated group of craftsman at our facility and as GQ has continued to expand and increase the range of models made within the facility the community has enjoyed growth as well.

While that initial step was instrumental in moving towards continuous improvement and independence, Epiphone knew that ultimately it needed its own dedicated factory with its own employees.

LLOYD: As most people already know, company-wide Gibson Musical Instruments strives to be a role model in environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

GQ works within the communities in which we do business and with our suppliers globally to minimize the impact of our manufacturing on our world's climate.

Epiphone recently spoke with two key employees who play a huge role at the Epiphone factory.

Lloyd Williams serves as General Manager and Director of Asian Manufacturing Gibson China and Scott Lewis is the GQ Plant Manager.

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