Dating singer sewing machine cabinets

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I've kept or picked up at garage sales several tennis racquets. Martin, Jr., was an avid tennis player since his days on the Norte Dame tennis team in the 1940s, a team which included Chris Evert's father. He got me interested in tennis when I was in my teens and for years we would play on Sundays with my sister and brother in law at the Mission Valley Tennis Club which was just recently torn down.Three of the six racquets in the photograph are "hand me downs" from my dad and upon reflection, I've never have bought a tennis racquet for myself.Tennis racquets show the rapid increase in technology since my childhood.When I was young, the only racquets were wood as represented by the Spalding "Doris Hart" model racquet on the far left which I obtained for free at a garage sale.

By the 1980s manufacturers started to use graphite often mixed with other materials. The Yonex, third from the right, and the Wilson Graphite Aggressor on the far right, are examples of the use of composite materials.

I believe I was in sixth grade and received it for Christmas or my birthday.

It was reasonably accurate and, thirty five years later, still works.

According to the site Clock A History, it was not until the 17th century that a practical clock with an accurate minute hand was developed.

The basic design of My First Clock would have been cutting edge back then.

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