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Make sure to read and understand the various licenses, and which one each file you discover uses.

When this article was first published in 2009, Site Point had gathered over 30 of the best resources online for audio, video, images and more for use in your next project.

Luckily, there are several sites that have come along to ease your pain and help you search for just the right files.

While some, such as the one, only search their site, their collection is so extensive, it’s still worth including.

etwa „Sammler“) ist ein Computerprogramm zum Lesen von Web-Feeds, die meist in den Formaten RSS oder Atom angeboten werden.

Mus Open is the online repository for music in the public domain.

Free audio clips and songs essentially have a limitless number of uses, from playing in the background of videocasts, to being the opening theme to a podcast, or even just being used as a sound effect when users click on a link.

Of all the resources out there, Creative Commons licensed music has the most potential uses for content creators and designers alike.

The first stop in a generic CC search should be the search interface provided by the Creative Commons organization itself.

While not a search engine in itself, this tool instead connects to various other search engines and resources in order to fetch the best result.

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