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We are looking forward to seeing you all in Denmark! The following items are included in the student fee Attendance at all sessions, final programme, conference abstracts (pdf), lunches, coffee/tea in breaks during meeting days, pre-conference geological city walk, Icebreaker the first day.

Abstracts: Geological Society of Denmark Registration, accommodation and official invitations: DIS Congress Service Sponsorship: DGF President Karen Hanghøj Other: DTU Coordinator Line Leth Christiansen Karen Hanghøj 1. On-site Registration Registration made later than 03 January 2018 will be considered as on-site registration and consequently minor delays at the registration desk, in connection with issuing of documentation and settlement of accounts, must be anticipated.

All the ones with blue-green mark on the left are in the competition for the Best Student Poster Award.

These posters will be presented in the coffee break from 10.00-11.00 on Wednesday and the winner of the Award will be announced at the Ice Breaker event the same night.

Please remember to bring your proof of payment for presentation upon request.

It is your personal responsibility that all details such as address, booked events, number of tickets, hotel reservation, date of arrival and departure, etc. We therefore strongly recommend that you read and check the confirmation of registration carefully to avoid errors.

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High and Low temperature Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry and Geochronology: Karina Sand 14. name badge, which is necessary to access the conference center and Ice breaker Party) both Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.It’s our pleasure to announce the 33rd Nordic Geological Winter Meeting to be held at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Kgs. Wednesday and Thursday you can register at the conference center, but to avoid the cue we recommend dropping by Tuesday.Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark – January 10-12, 2018 and organized by Geological Society of Denmark. In order to participate in the conference it is necessary to register online Please also make sure that your payment in connection to your registration fee, dinner etc. In case this is not possible, the first couple of hours on Wednesday and Thursday, you can settle the payment by credit card when you arrive to register on-site.We invite research that explores the geochemistry of bulk lavas (including isotopes), melt inclusions, single phases (including mineral-mineral and mineral-melt equilibria) or xenoliths from intraplate volcanic settings such as ocean islands, intracontinental basaltic fields and highly alkaline rocks.Conveners: Nina Søager (University of Copenhagen), Valentin Troll (Uppsala University), Abi Barker (Uppsala University) Session 1.2.

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