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Match Affinity provides registered users with a free personality test and a list of their potential matches, along with their compatibility rating based on percentage scores.

If you would like to see what personality test says about you and review your free matches, click below to go to Match Affinity and take the test.

I also believe that was a safe site but have now changed my mind, feeling very angry also.

For your information, their contact details are as follows: DATING DIRECT.

Dating Direct are a nightmare be warned you can only contact them through the post!! They also will keep taking money from your account.

This site could be good but its dodgy YOUR AN IDIOT IF YOU JOIN!!!

I am reduced to ringing my bank and doing it from that end. I signed up to dating direct for one month but have just noticed from my bank statments that(stupidly I don't often check them) that for a number of months money has been coming out without my asking for them to take it out.

How do I contact dating direct to complain about this?

I am also appalled at the total inability of anyone to obtain any kind of contact with these people.

And now HDR are proud to be able to offer you another bonus – 3 Days completely Free on the site!

As one of the leading and most trusted dating sites in the country, Match Affinity should be a strong consideration if you are looking to get into the exciting world of online dating!

) I am now writing to you in the hope that you might be able to help me.

I believe I have the right to be re-imbursed for the money they have unduly taken from me.

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