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This theory seems strong as long as two things are assumed: a) you have a relatively limited amount of time to contact people and b) there are a large number of people you wish to contact.If I’m able to spend hours every night writing emails or if there are only a few people I want to contact it seems to me that, based on their numbers, you would want to write longer emails.Creating good first emails is something I’ve discussed in my online dating guide and also in some posts.My advice has always been keep your first contact brief and Ok Cupid agrees with this…but for some very different reasons. For online dating email, there’s a subtle technique in knowing exactly the right time to go in for the kill.

I think the concept of a free dating site is great but there is no doubt in my mind that the free sites have much more riffraff.I don’t mean to confuse the issue; I do believe shorter emails are better.It just seems their numbers suggest that there are actually a few decisions that can be made depending on how many people you want to contact or how much time you have.Usually I can close just about anyone, given a great profile and enough time. She’s now the one leading the conversation, and making the plans. So to get back on track, I try to remind her in a funny way that I’m the prize.But when it comes to So Cal yuppie types, they can be a bit more fickle then on the average. From the humble beginnings of a Craigslist "Missed Connections" post that went viral, to professional "Funny or Die" writing stints, Erika knows how to make the ladies laugh.

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