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Exchanges might create markets between different alt-coins rather than assuming all transactions are either to or from Bitcoin or ethereum.

Fund managers could create ethical crypto-funds, meaning they avoid proof-of-work coins.

We’re at The Roof Garden in the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Blige, 46, is dressed head to toe in black; taller and a lot more talkative, particularly about the tough stuff, than expected.

On the other hand, if this community does not conduct itself in a socially and environmentally responsible way, then are not governments justified in stepping in to regulate it?

Is not excessive CO2 just as antisocial as oil spills and nuclear waste? Investors might diversify their portfolios, weighting more heavily the coins they want to win.

Who might invest in sufficient infrastructure to produce that quantity of geothermal energy?

The recent push to adopt Bitcoin Cash to reduce the transaction processing bottleneck does little to reduce wasted energy and would lead to mining being even more centralised.

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While many such as Andreas Antonopolis predicted that the crypto-economy would be an ecosystem of many currencies, in the last six months we are seeing the opposite tendency as Bitcoin’s dominance (over other cryptocurrencies) is increasing.Almost everything Bitcoin stands for can be better advanced by our swarming around newer technologies.Unser klassischer Schwerpunkt bei eps liegt im Bereich der Materialvermietung für Veranstaltungen, Baustellen und den Militärbereich. Now that BTC is credibly going after smart contracts, high speed transactions, better privacy, and is winning hard-fork wars and institutional custody solutions – it's becoming safer to self-identify as a #Bitcoin Maximalist. BIs Me — Tuur Demeester (@Tuur Demeester) November 17, 2017 The more hedge-funds pile into bitcoin, the more credible and the more valuable it gets, the more risk-averse money will pile in too, surely without regard for any environmental concerns or the knock-on effects for the economy, or indeed human rights.It is clear that, like the US finance sector under Alan Greenspan, Bitcoin is optimised to grow, and has no capacity to regulate itself with respect to wider global concerns such as the environment.

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