David tennant dating sarah parish

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Maybe he's not the most handsome actor on the block - tall and skinny, with an angular face and auburn hair.

And maybe the general public still have only a passing familiarity with him.

And then comes the role that will surely see him tip the balance from esteemed actor to household name - the new Doctor Who.

All this from an actor who barely registers on the celebrity scale.

With uncanny prescience, he told them that one day he wanted to play his hero - Doctor Who.

"There'll be a bit of a story behind my English accent - it's not that straightforward.In the past, pressure like this has led to moments of desperation for Tennant.He admits that every job has its low point when the nerves crash in. I end up thinking: this will have to be the last job I do because, obviously, I'm messing it up so badly." Tennant went to Paisley Grammar School, where he suffered the academic work rather than enjoyed it.All the while he talked to his closest friends about his ambition to be an actor.

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