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Sorry, I cannot ID dolls for you; go here for more help.Searching this site: Use your browser’s page search (Edit Find in Internet Explorer, for example) or use the alphabetic links above.p=1956Anekona Hawaii, 1960s–1970s“Sassy-faced” dolls Angelina Ballerina by Pleasant Company / Mattel, 2001–Anglund, Joan Walsh; Wolfpit Enterprises/Determined Productions, 1960s–Anili dolls, Italy 1946–. About: dolls, modern Anita Novelty Co., see Boudoir dolls Annalee Mobilitee Dolls, Inc., mid-1950s–Identifying: photos: Skiers, photo:

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Beloved Belindy by Georgene Novelties / Knickerbocker / P. Volland, 1926–See Raggedy Ann. pattern, homemade Chronology, notes doll details: 1965, white version Volland doll photo, with book and toys Berenguer / Berjusa (JC Toys), 1944–Bergmann dolls / C. Bergmann; 1888–1931 & Halbig head: 23" doll marked C. Biscaloid dolls (bisqualoid), 1920s Rosi by Kämmer & Reinhardt: Example, photo Gladdie by Helen Jensen 1929Bisque dolls.

Have patience while the page loads; the photos are worth the wait.

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& R., Germany and Austria, 1905–1999 dolls, modern resin Bandai dolls Bangkok Dolls House and Museum, Thai dolls, 1956–.

See also Asian; Ethnic. by Edith von Arps, Germany, 1940s–1950s.

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