Death note dating game quiz

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Basically, there's very few GOOD quality Death Note quizzes out there. If you love Death Note (and are a girl) this quiz is for you. We talk television and you are invited to join the banter. Send me your questions and comments about old and current American, British and Canadian television shows and I will be happy to reply.

I told my crush over a note that I liked him, and he won't talk to me about it or anything. I don’t know if my crush likes me but his little brother told my little brother that he likes me and so my little brother told me so I think he like me and also his best friend likes me I know that because he sent me a blow kiss I kinda blushed but I don’t like him I really like this guy in my grade. Last year we were talking for a few weeks but then one of my close friends asked him out.

Who played the role of Gibbs' dad in the 2008 episode entitled "Heartland?

To date, how many times has Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jed Gibbs been married?

I ALWAYS think ab him b4 I go to sleep and sometimes I cry bc I think I'm not good enough.

I catch him staring at me but I don't know if he hates me or doesn't care.

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