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The advisors we work with have a red-carpet express service available, and are able to prioritise mortgage applications for borrowers who have had offers accepted on a property and are in urgent need of an approval.Please visit our fast track mortgage page to find out more.The mortgage brokers we work with pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of the market so, if anybody can find a mortgage for you, it’s them.Whether you have bad credit, are self-employed, have just started a new job or are not sure how much you can borrow, you’re in the right hands.For example, some lenders require self-employed applicants to have 3 full years trading, others require only 12 months; some lenders accept 100% of car allowance, where others only 80% etc.

Are your circumstances a little more complex than usual?To help with the process we have created our complete mortgage application enquiry form to ensure the mortgage advisor you speak to has the important information required to be able to quickly establish which mortgages you're eligible for.Every lender has very different criteria when it comes to deposit, income, affordability, credit history etc.The LTV is the amount you are borrowing compared to the property value.A mortgage of 100k and a property of 200k is a 50% LTV.

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