Diamond consolidating the third wave democracies v 2

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No, because these are often neo-Nazi sympathetic lemmings who lick the boots of whatever the establishment bureaucracy wants them to say.

So much for yet another Strykertard lie that tanks are immobilized if their track breaks--as if any of those idiots had ever heard of short-tracking. The typical wailing by so-called "historians" with faulty and superficial "understanding" of WW2 is that we stank at the beginning of WW2 because our tanks were light, but they got heavier and heavier and better and better. Where in this mission statement does it say intentionally clash with the enemy's main bodies and their tanks?

Two drivers with dual controls is still a GREAT and vital feature considering the deaths we suffer from accidents due to tired drivers. Ask the Soldiers at Buna, New Guinea if they appreciated their light tank's closed-terrain mobility and firepower? Or Patton's Soldiers coming ashore onto North Africa--only the M3 Stuart light tanks could be delivered across the beaches---the medium-heavy Shermans needed a port to off-load.

Ask the British Commandos and Canadians--who were butchered at Dieppe a few weeks before, if it's easy or desirable to try to take heavily defended ports?

The Germans had their most success with mechanized infiltration, non-linear war tactics when they used LIGHT TANKS like the excellent Czech-built 35T and 38Ts which had excellent closed terrain mobility to surprise the Allies by going through "unpassable for tanks" terrain like the Ardennes forest.

The Amazing Czech-Built 10-ton 38T Light Tank: Could be flown by Me-321 glider or Me-323 STOL transport plane: even better as a turretless Hetzer STUG The excellent 10-ton 38T chassis was also made into the superb Hetzer STUG with hull-mounted assault/tank destroyer gun.

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