Difference between relative and chronometric absolute dating techniques

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After a thorough overhaul to the movement, she’s running as designed well within chronometer tolerances.

We’re quite proud that the only service etching in the case back is the Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers service number from August 2017.

Nearly all quartz watches rely in a frequency of just 32,768 Hertz.

That automatic Rolex on your wrist runs at just 8 Hz. Back in the 1970s quartz technology was very expensive and no one knew exactly where this curious new space age technology was going.

To our knowledge the case and bracelet are in original condition looking practically unworn, showing virtually no wear.

Including a one year Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers warranty the watch is estate priced at 00.00 Canadian. If you only collected Omega Speedmasters you’d have an amazing variety of some pretty cool timepieces.

Our example has two factory applied model numbers inside the case back of 198.0082 and 398.0832.

Not only did this watch hold the title of worlds most accurate watch for decades, it also was the first watch with a jumping time zone feature.

Even when we were Omega authorized agents in the 1970s we never sold a single example of this watch.This example came to us from its original owner, in its original condition, having never been opened up or previously serviced.Although it was working, the movement was bone dry and the original rubber O ring case gasket had turned into a gooey black mess.The Omega Marine Chronometer was, and is to this day one of the world’s most accurate watches despite the fact it’s over 40 years old.Today you can buy some pretty inexpensive, incredibly precise quartz watches that get a signal from an orbiting satellite to stay synchronized.

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