Divorced dating with children

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We have been married for almost 35 years and in all these years, its either he is having affairs with divorcees or with married women.

He also visited prostitutes in Geylang and do group sex.

An RC member who saw my son sleeping on a couch and myself on the floor together with my dementia mother and schizophrenic sister during “house visits”, they suggested that I see my MP but I’ve seen him 12 times to no avail and to his own ministry for that matter. Continue reading » Number of View: 979 Hi Gilbert, I’m not sure whether this counselling service would be of any difference for the one that I’ve had before and also if I’m ready for that.

It’s hard for me to move on as the memories with my wife still linger in my mind.

If there is another opportunity of having a second wife in the future, it would definitely be for the much better as by then I will know how to love a woman. Continue reading » Number of View: 902Dear Gilbert, I came across your website once searching for advice online for divorce procedures.Hence, I’ve effectively lost faith in our judicial system as it is merely the playground of the rich and influential.She has abused protection orders several times but always never fail to get away with a “slap on the wrist”.This makes both of us feel better and still could remain as friends in the future. Anyway, I feel better now after talking to some of my friends.Though still feel a bit lost but I have started planning for my future – in terms of income and retirement.

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