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She recalls, "I should have clued in earlier that this dog was taking up way too much of Andrew's life. The question he was trying to answer was whether I was worthy of meeting Isabella, his French bulldog, not whether I was a good dating possibility for him personally."A bit perplexed but still naïve about obsessed dog owners, Julia decided to go on several additional dates with Andrew, and was glad she did (at first).

She and Andrew had a lot in common, and the chemistry between them was sizzling.

They will respect you if all you want is to be authentically happy with their owner.

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You can also text chat with other singles along with voice and video chatting with potential matches.

Dog Loving singles looking for meaningful relationships can also set up their own blog.

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Love seekers of all ages have decided that their current better half, (or other beloved pet), should become part screening their future better half.

Dog owners who want a committed relationship must create healthy boundaries with their pet and have dog-sitting arranged for much-needed time alone with their human love interest. They also are willing to invest time in their relationships recognizing the other half has needs that must be met.

How To Create Balance When Dating A Dog Owner So, is a devoted dog-owner nothing but trouble in the romance department? Whatever your experience with dogs in the past, dating a dog owner go pretty smoothly. And listen carefully to what is and is not being said in response.

Short of having a placemat at the table, "Isabella" dominated the scene on that dinner date. "It's just a dog." (But of course, we loyal dog owners are laughing at this point because we know our dog is not "just a dog".)After the movie incident came the sex incident.

Their Dog Is Never Just A Dog Julia tried to blow off the dinner incident and made plans to for a movie night at Andrew's, during which "Isabella" curled up on the couch between Julia and Andrew and ate straight out of their popcorn bowl. "Isabella" (used to being the only other 'companion' in Andrew's bedroom) howled outside the locked bedroom door or, if allowed in the room, insisted on being on the bed with them.

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