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The eight hundred residents were Lutheran dissenters who since 1803 had come to America from the German province of Württemberg.They had built the town of Harmony in Butler County, Pennsylvania, and had moved to the Indiana Territory in 1814 seeking land to accommodate new members, a navigable river for trade, and a mild climate for grape culture.Here's a little about me my name is Valerie I'm a single mother of 4 boys I love to succeed my goals and I don't let nothing stop me from achieving anything in life I came too far in life to ever look back I will never give up I'm fighting for love somewhere out there God have the plan for me no one is perfect but believing is power and having faith is the strongest strength that you need to continue with your life and I know there's someone out there for me that God has built and plan into my life for my future. By the grace of God ive been saved since I was a little boy but over the years I fell out of fellowship and lived for me nowhere and caused a lot of heartache and anxiety in my life...about 7-8 months ago I decided to give it all to God and build that relationship with him and words can't even describe the peace and contentment I have and knowing everything is going to be ok even if it doesn't look like it is in a worldly sense... I have travelled extensively and am very cosmopolitan and multicultural and have varied interests.

Factories, mills, and granaries combined with the produce of the fields and forests to provide the necessities of life.

When the noise of the blast died away, a boy had lost his foot, a man had been knocked to the ground and nearly killed by a wound to the head, and five others had been injured.

Rarely had such frenzy seized the community of the Harmony Society on the Wabash or such irresponsible behavior distracted its members from their methodical routine.

love to meet that special someone that there profile is there word! relationship is very inportant to me time is everything, I only can say if a man live and treat the women according to gods word enuff be done..said man not to be along because he know the way of the world ,the disciples went out by two" who are we! I have a 10 year old daughter, whom I dearly love and, by God's grace and mercy is teaching her God's word. I would love to meet a Lady that has some Leadership Qualities and has Goals for her life.

Occasionally I'll hit someone with my car."- Michael G. I want him to see what God sees in me and I want to see what God see in him.

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