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But with love, patience, and a mutual trust in God, they've kept their marriage alive and well for many years now.

They also know their personality types and are aware of each other's needs. I think they're wonderful people with a lot to offer, but I'm also aware of my limitations at being able to cope with them long-term.

According to Personality Page, an ESTP's ultra-powerful Se makes them very good at picking up subtle cues and giving them the ability to manipulate others to get what they want.

Conversely, my own Se is busy feeding my intuition and cluing me in to the fact that I'm being manipulated.

I can also be completely honest with her about my insecurities and fears. She'll talk through possible solutions and bring me out of a bad mood very quickly. They sound good at the time, but I'll realize later that I should have gone in another direction.

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Im actually seeking help right now to leave the relationship as I have severe dependency issues I'm dealing with.So occasionally it will feel like we're in an invisible boxing ring--like I'm working hard to defend myself and my position while we're together. The man is basically living with his MBTI shadow--whew!It's not enough to get in the way of our fun and friendship, but it can keep me from relaxing my guard. For a romantic relationship, things could be different. She's told me their first few years together were extremely difficult.:-) This forces me out of my comfort zone for sure!I end up talking to more people when he is with me than I ever would on my own.

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