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The judge interjected at this point and pressed Erdely to answer whether she still felt that way."It wasn't a mistake to rely on someone who was so emotionally fragile," Erdely responded, choking back tears again.

"It was a mistake to rely on someone whose intent was to deceive me." "It is clear that she firmly believed in the credibility of Jackie, as did UVA and Dean Eramo, when the article was published," Rolling Stone said in a statement.

However, Erdely eventually agreed not to contact Jay, to keep Jackie involved in the article.

The story focused on the alleged sexual assault of a woman named Jackie, though subsequent media reports and a police investigation debunked many of the claims made in Rolling Stone's pages.

Locke's questions Thursday morning focused on Erdely's interactions with Jackie, and whether or not the reporter spoke with Jay, the man Jackie accused of orchestrating the reported gang rape.

“I don’t want to be the one to give you the name,” Jackie said. ” “I guess you could ask Phi Psi for their list,” Jackie suggested.

After this conversation, Jackie stopped responding to Erdely’s calls and messages.

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