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These are Red Hat created tools but can be dow IBM Domino and DIIOP - not quit doing what it is supposed to.

Sun, Oct 1st 2017 p Jesper Kiaer I am using DIIOP to have remote session with a Domino server, because using Java agent just gave to many issues with some external libraries.

This means they can always be rebuilt, if you have the data in the documents.

Benefits from moving view index outside NSF: 1) A smaller database file size, to avoid reaching the 64GB limitation. 3) Better performance by allowing concurrent access to database and views.

3) Make sure you have transactional logging enabled on server and ODS is minimum 51 4) To enable the feature for a database you need to compact it with the parameters: "load compact -c -nifnsf on databasename.nsf" It will the create an index file with the extension This from a database I have enabled the feature for. There are other features like moving the index to another folder etc.

Have a look here https://com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SSKTMJ_9.0.1/admin/admn_moving_views_out_of_databases.html--------------------- Mar 13, 20177 hits Tutorial: Moving a Centos physical server with Soft RAID to be a KVM virtual machine guest using virt-p2v and virt-v2v Sun, Nov 5th 2017 a Jesper Kiaer I have used KVM for several years on Centos as a platform for running virtualized servers, and my experiences have been very good Now I have the case where I want to move a physical Centos server running RAID 10 on soft RAID, to a Centos KVM server.

1) You must run Feature Pack 8 (FP8) 2) Set parameter NIFNSFEnable=1 in and restart server.

What you get is the IP address of the Reverse Proxy instead...which is not very helpful.

This is normally fixed by the Reverse Proxy server adding a HTTP header field called "X-Forwarded-For" (XFF) which the web server then can log.

A version of Lotus Notes is installed on Clearwell but is tied directly to Clearwell and must only be used directly by the Clearwell system. Copy the NSF file into a new local location that has Lotus Notes2. It is possible that updates have been made to the original version after this document was translated and published.

Veritas does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation.

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