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It is caused by bacteria that normally live harmlessly on the skin, nose or mouth, getting deeper into the body and releasing toxins that can damage organs.

This then developed into sepsis – a rare but sometimes lethal complication of an infection – within hours of being admitted to hospital.

" Tears were running down my cheek, I couldn’t believe it.'Filled with hope, for the next seven days Mrs Norquoy stayed at his bedside as he lay motionless in a coma as people came to see him.

She said: 'I didn’t want people to say goodbye, we all said "where there’s life, there’s hope", so that’s how we thought.'Then, a week later, doctors said his progress meant he could be brought out of his coma. Taking small steps, Mr Norquoy, who was determined and desperate to get well again, started to recover, slowly, in hospital.

This is the incredible moment that a husband gestured 'I love you' to his wife as he languished in a coma on the brink of death.

Roy Norquoy, 46, from Orkney, was struck down by toxic shock syndrome, which quickly developed into sepsis.

Distraught, she phoned his close family – telling his sisters and his children from a previous marriage, Ali, 28, Benny, 26, and Gareth, 24, the news.

" Then he started lifting his finger up and pointing at me.'I asked, "what are you saying? He was signalling, "I love you".'I called out, "he said he loves me!I was texting all my friends, telling them Roy was critically ill and asking them to pray for him.'Doctors said he needed to go to a critical care department in a hospital on the mainland, 155 miles away.But they were worried he was too ill to move.'That’s when I was told every breath he took could be his last, so they wanted to put him into a coma to allow his body to conserve his strength.'Unsure how long he would be unconscious for, Mrs Norquoy told him she loved him and that everything would be fine.'The medics had said they didn’t know how long he would live, but I truly didn’t know what I would do if I lost him.'It took us so long to find each other, I couldn’t believe he could be taken from me so quickly.'But, to her astonishment, just a few minutes into her visit, he started pointing to his stomach.Mrs Norquoy said: 'The Orkney word for stomach is "puggy", so I said, "is your puggy sore?

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