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Nothing you do can defeat the ultimate power of the dark magic! You should get used to this, being delayed, and defeated. A wry smile appeared on his face as Gen hugged and kissed him. " "Master Jake," Gen said lowering her head and voice. I desperately need you Master Jake." Jake felt a movement next to him as Rashala also whispered, "I find I need you badly also Master Jake, please!

" Suddenly they all heard Jake's voice above the storm, "You are obviously wrong EX QUEEN! A little smile on her face she leaned into his ear and whispered. "I am a sex Jinn, I find I need it from you badly right now. " Jake's eyes went very wide as he realized it must be bad if Rashala was asking please.

Nuha had been smiling the whole time, and then she remembered that the leader had mentioned that she needed Tankena's power.

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Suddenly Jake felt as if he were a choice piece of meat that everyone wanted!Stopping, she reached out with a dark magic spell to dispel what was coming their way. Not only are the dark magic spells repelled but they are crushed! " Again Qistina smiled evilly as the much more powerful spell met what was coming at them.Then her mouth dropped open as the spell was swallowed up and crushed. Then her mouth dropped agape as it also was enveloped, smothered, and then crushed into nothing!As I remember it is a small dark enhancement." Qistina told Nuha.It was at that moment that the growing sand storm that had been growing finally caught up to them. By the great Jinn I feel the power of many Jinns behind this!

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