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Bisa juga kalau kamu memang ingin coba-coba memiliki bisnis sendiri dan berhenti menjadi karyawan.Apapun itu tujuanmu, tentu hal itu bagus dan wajib kamu tingkatkan terus.The goal is always to find someone you’re compatible with, have a good spark and go on to have a second (and third, and fourth etc.) date with.Since I don’t really know the first thing about first dates, I reached out to some relationship and dating experts who shared with me the topics that should be off-limits for your first date and why.“Nodding absently at your date, all the while daydreaming about whether or not your children will wind up with his ears is just a bad look,” she says.“Enjoy yourself and the night out.” Live in the moment!Sure, it may sound a tad bit obvious, but according to Grace Pamer, author of Romance Never, flirting gets you places that miserable, Miss Know-It-All definitely won’t.“Subtly mirror your date’s body language, and bat those eyelashes,” she recommends.

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One of the dates is actor and acting coach Chambers Stevens (star of the Emmy Award winning Steve Spots).“Like the old saying goes: ‘everything in moderation.’ Don’t go overboard. No guy wants to leave a date trying to guess if there was any chemistry, so if you feel it, flirt it! Although this might be easier said than done for some, be confident and try to relax, says Pamer.“You’re cool no matter what the guy sitting across from you thinks, so let the real you shine through — not the pent up, nervous version — and you’ll be A-OK.”By smart questions, we mean questions related to his values — not material objects!So maybe you haven’t been so lucky in love in the past, or perhaps you just met a guy and really don’t want to screw things up. Be clear in your own mind so that you can accurately communicate it to the guy,” she advises.Either way, take a hint from these pros, and nail down that second date guaranteed before your first one’s over! “If you’re seeking a fling, don’t expect a callback. It’s easier to be yourself and be honest when your hormones haven’t gone all haywire!

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