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The higher density of methane, the greater the bluish-green flames.

The hydrogen in farts can cause a loud popping sound when ignited.

(Pumpernickel, the dark-grain bread, means "goblin that breaks wind" in Old German.) In fact, some of the healthiest foods, touted as anodynes for cancer and heart disease, are the foods that produce the most gas. The fizz in most carbonated beverages comes from carbon dioxide, which is dissipated by the time it reaches your intestines. The act of eating quickly tends to induce the diner to take in air, thereby bloating the colon, as well as turning the air inside deadly. Exercising helps the body absorb gases in the colon, thereby dissipating them by the time they reach your anus.

Whether silent or musical, all farts are made up of a variety of gases.Some people are able to absorb and tolerate the gas they produce better than others.The single most gas-producing food for most everyone, Levitt says, is -- no surprise -- baked beans."In other countries, no way would a scientist study farts.But for reasons I can't completely figure out, farting is considered wrong in America and people are worried about it. I've done very well, thank you."Levitt works with four assistants out of a small laboratory on the third floor of the V. hospital, about a mile west of the Mississippi River.

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