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Scottish Government figures show that in 2016 the total number of smolts – young salmon - put into fish farm production in Scotland was just under 43 million. The Scottish Salmon Think-Tank, a new group of fish farm critics, accused the industry of failing to address “appalling” collateral damage.“Self-regulation is simply not working,” said the group’s Lynn Schweisfurth.Official figures reveal the tonnages of dead fish that had to be disposed of has more than doubled from 10,599 in 2013 to a record high of 22,479 in 2016.Most are transported south to be burnt at an incinerator in Widnes near Warrington in northwest England.Latest figures for the months up to June 2017 show another another 7,700 tonnes of dead salmon discarded, suggesting that the problem is not going away.There are also thought to have been significant mortalities in the Western Isles since then.The company that suffered the biggest losses was Marine Harvest, headquartered in Norway, whose mortalities leapt threefold to 7,609 tonnes between 20.

These worrying figures are the hallmarks of an industry in crisis and it's our rural communities that will suffer as the problems continue.” She urged next year’s parliamentary inquiry into fish farming to tackle the industry’s “systemic” problems.

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“The salmon farming industry has lost the ability to control fish diseases and this results in escalating quantities of toxic chemicals being poured into the sea in an increasingly fruitless attempt to control them.

It also inevitably leads to the release of an infectious soup of disease organisms into our coastal waters.” He called for the industry to shift to a “closed containment system” that would protect the fish and the marine environment.

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