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Dopo aver frequentato per un anno la George Washington University, si trasferisce alla New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, dove studia psicologia e politiche sociali internazionali e dove otterrà la laurea nel 2010. Ottiene inoltre il ruolo di protagonista nella pellicola Tanner Hall, di Francesca Gregorini.

e debutta come attrice nel 2005, con un piccolo ruolo nel film horror Urban Legend 3. Tra il 2009 e 2010 partecipa a diversi progetti: il primo è la commedia Youth in Revolt, ispirata all'omonimo romanzo di C. Nell'agosto del 2010 ottiene la parte di Lisbeth Salander nel riadattamento, ad opera di David Fincher, di Uomini che odiano le donne di Stieg Larsson.

Watch this one if: you want to be creeped out or enjoyed Set in the 1960s, the film was about an all-girls school that was about to change to be co-ed — until a group of students decided to take action.

The cast was all-star, including Kirsten Dunst, Rachael Leigh Cook, Gabby Hoffman and out actress Heather Matarazzo.

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Per la sua performance in Carol (2014) si è aggiudicata il Prix d'interprétation féminine al Festival di Cannes, ricevendo la sua seconda candidatura ai Golden Globe e agli Oscar nella sezione miglior attrice non protagonista.

Although there wasn’t anything explicitly lesbian in the film, at the very end updates are given on each of the characters, including sexpot Tinka (played by Monica Keena), who ends up coming out later in life. Watch this one if: you liked or stories of young women working together while hijinks ensue.

What’s interesting about these films is they all share another likeness: They focus on upper class, privileged white women.

Watch this one if: you enjoy tragic love stories or seeing budding starlets like Mischa Barton and Emily Van Camp before they were household names.

follows 16-year-old Rebecca as she tries to save her best friend Lucie from the grip of lesbian vampire Ernessa (Lily Cole). Watch this one if: you like spooky tales and don’t mind some blood and gore.‘s Georgia King as former friends who don’t get along when they meet again as teenage pupils.

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