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I personally do not read in bed with the lights off -- I fall asleep while reading like that.However if you are a frequent bed-time reader, you will want to get the Paperwhite, Voyager, or Oasis will be back to square one and will either have to purchase a new kindle or buy a light for your expensive kindles. I have no need for a tablet or anything of the sort.

They even preserved the chapter illustrations for the e-reader format.

I felt like I actually holding a technical device to read a book. Yeah, it sounds a little robotic but it's not anything that bothers me.

Of course since this doesn't have a backlight, you cannot read in the dark. If you want to read at night, purchase a little book light that are super inexpensive and attach it to your kindle. I love how I can still download PDF documents into it and it opens and works AMAZING! Disconnect it from the internet and bluetooth to save you battery. Connect your Kindle to a Bluetooth available device (laptop, speaker, headphone, etc.)2.

Kindle also has the ability to look up words in the dictionary or thesaurus. Well, that about sums up my review of this model of Kindle, and Kindles in general.

To put it simply, this Kindle does what it is advertised to do, and does it, in my opinion, flawlessly.

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