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This extends an "expectation of privacy" further than many of us predicted. Does this mean that a victim of harassment can not give the police texts and emails she received from her tormentor without police first obtaining a warrant? (Beware: some of my colleagues disagree with me.) Note that in the the texts to police. Some might say this distinction doesn't make any difference. I figure that this situation differs enough from that the courts will find victims and witnesses can decide who sees the messages they receive.

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My publisher collected many of the more frequently-used chapters of my books into a single (cheaper) paperback edition: "Common Canadian Criminal Code Offences and Procedures 2016-2017". That section requires that the ITO establish reasonable grounds to that the offence was, is being, or will be committed.That worked at trial and in the Ontario Court of Appeal (2016 ONCA 542), but a majority of the judges in the Supreme Court of Canada didn't buy it. I figure that the analysis differs if the victim gives them to the police.They said: Because Mr Marakah sent it to a specific person, and had told him to delete the text messages after reading them, and because of the relationship between the two men, the court found that Mr Marakah retained a reasonable expectation that the state would not read the text messages in Mr Marakah's phone without judicial pre-authorization. If the victim sends copies of the texts to you, then you merely the texts.One video system used infra-red technology, which tended to distort colour.A certified forensic video analyst assembled all the useful footage into a composite video, with a single running clock. Establishing the accuracy of that clock took some work.

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