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The amount I might spend each month can vary depending on what I want to see and/or own, and what's available.

I do download some movies off the 'Net, but the flicks I'm lifting are Japanese porn movies that are only available to me in pirated forms, regardless of how I get them. If I see something I really like, I'll still buy the disc.

On DVD's, I would pay around , but I would go into the range if it's something I really want to see. The ZFX DVD I bought recently in the range was.

Brutus wrote: Also, as always, great year-end lists, A Canadian and Ralphus. I was starting to worry about those growing rumors that you had left Bring out the GIMP to go join a new site moderated by Bondage Dave. Renzo Novatore wrote: Maleficarum looks pretty good, but it's way too expensive currently for my tastes. I said then that .99 for a DVD was on the high end.It's a torture-filled movie and that's not going to ring everyone's bell.Canadian probably wouldn't like the movie and that's perfectly fine. If the answer is nothing, you won't pay anything for entertainment or can't afford it, then say that, too.I was saving to purchase Maleficarum but after all this i'm going to spend my money on something else. Personally my general rule is that I won't spend over 25 dollars on a DVD that I haven't seen.I've only done that once, on a director's cut DVD of a (mainstream, not porn) film that was over 30 dollars, and later I found out that the movie in question sucked. That's not to say that I wouldn't spend Maleficarum prices on a DVD, but I have to know that I like it beforehand, that it's worthwhile to get.

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