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Truthfully we have learned not to give our opinion on questions regarding Bluefin as the rules are so ambiguous and nebulous and subject to interpretation by the Marine Fisheries folks that I suggest you contact them direct.

It's a simple question and a simple answer, but like I said, I have learned not to speak for them. The inshore captains have been in and out of town chasing other critters. Live shrimp floated under a cork will find the bite and soft plastics in white or chartreuse color patterns will work trolled slowly or jigged near any structure like creek mouths, end of docks, and along scattered oyster bottoms.

Best time is when tide is leaving the grass and you can throw net along edge of grass/bank[without throwing into the grass].

You can also find them in deeper holes in the creeks or along intercostal as water leaves the grass.

A couple of years ago I went on a charter with Captin Jacob and caught plenty of black drum off of live shrimp under the Ocean Isle bridge.

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IF it is really nice I would like to get the stream if the fish are biting out there! If I need to go somewhere else before I go to the tower to jig them I will too. They will get harder to catch now as they being to 'run' vs "ball".

Haven't heard much talk about Spadefish lately as the King bite has been so good , that is where the fishing focus is.

Jelly balls are the answer, 8lb flor, small circle or small jhook.

Wildlife does a good job moving the cans around, but key is always..away from white water If not fishing from a boat: -canals/intercoastal; Carolina Rig with mud minnows for flounder/redfish.

-if fishing from beach front, blue rig with cut mullet for blues/sharks/reds or Carolina Rig with mud minnow or mullet minnows for same For the gulf stream, later is better as the fall wahoo bite will kick in as the water cools.

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