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Man's outfits: Coat, Shirts, Sweaters, Vests, Trousers Interior: Seats, Tables, Beds, Cupboards, Club Equipment...

Newbie help by Jess1ee Sharing actors and files by Jess1ee Decorating rooms by Jess1ee Video help by Jess1ee Help by Madam Moove & Co Newbie help by The Fist Waya_IWD Newbie help by Newbie Helpers Decorating rooms by Newbie Helpers How to make and pack a room by Newbie Helpers Come and get committed at DJ Shadows Asylum, its insane.

After finding a match on the community pages, you can decide, how far you go with any kind of social interaction while protecting your privacy. Introduction Free 3D Chat Virtual World @ You Free 3D Avatars, Outfits, Furniture Free Land and unlimited 3D Rooms Free Homepage, Guestbook, Mail Free 3D Software - Decorate Offline Person View, Mirror, Shadow, Cam Can work with dial up, no 3D Card Import Standard 3D Models Your Private Rooms with your Private Pictures and Files Questions and Answers Help: Start Help: Repair Web Mode Help: Open your House for Visitors Try the revolutionary community dollar (C$) transfer system! Here you can search for members who already created a sell link! New members can give out bonus points - starting at 30 bonus points on your points account you can get the bonus medal on your nickpage. into the HTML editor Limited Offer 'Buy two, get four' Meet your Love Show your Ads - starting at only 70 Cent Scout Badges on helping members' nickpages Member News with Preview option Mask / Show switching for Passwords Control on guestbook entries Your Guestbook Followers "Still without Buddy" in "Community Server notification" Add a message to your gifts wmv, mpg and flw animations like swf (Flash) HTML Editor Update, spell checker Messages from Minors to Majors are blocked Invite your Network Contacts Contacts Inviting Fun Online & Message Information can contain links Send News to all your friends Member News section on nickpage Give away or resell gold enabling keys Automatic input area zooming Banner Contest: Win one of 100 Advertisement Campaigns Setup your own moove Advertisement Become a moove Affiliate Partner Create your own Widgets Once paid, items are for free next time Extern 3D Resources Partner Info in Love Board Recall unread messages Omit multimedia files on nickpages, if you have a slow connection New Buddy Candidates Message copy to additional Nickname ("CC") Nickpage Read History Anniversary Medal shows Registration date, too Beta file for Furniture Download Edit Looks: Nickpage Elements Extended Keyword filtering for enhanced minor protection Update your Online Information even by using SMS Designer Tutorial for developing Rooms extended twitter Mini Blog on your Nickpage Member search - Invitation Match Member search - Web Match Wedding anniversary medals One-Click Search for titles of unlinked pictures Nickpage reads by non-members are shown to gold members One-Click Search Buttons in News You can upload a picture of your club Show a member's pictures of all decoration contests Designer Tutorial for developing furniture extended Designer Shop Titles are extracted and shown Relation Medals can be Widgets / HTML Code Messages from Minors to Majors are flagged All Group Medals can be Widgets / HTML Code Give away Champagner, Teddies, Hearts, Chocolates, Cocktails...

You can always decide between keeping it virtual and making it real. It's like a "real" bank account: In case of purchase the buyer's community dollar account is charged and the amount is transferred to the seller automatically! Bold Boards, if new entries since your last session One Month Gold Membership for C$ Google Talk Instant Messaging on your Nickpage moove Film Festival 2013 Issue - 2012 is not the problem Movie Trailer - Road Goes on Forever Member Stories on Channel 5 Crystal Angel Search Video! Into the Mystic - Tribute to Henry45 moove / Crystal Angel Toolbar SJS-3.5 The Adventure Continues Hair Festival - Part Two Hair Festival - Part One The Hypnotizer San Juan Skyway - Episode III San Juan Skyway - Episode II San Juan Skyway Episode I Video San Juan Skyway The Roving Reporter Are You a Hero?

All of the chat rooms - where people can chat with admins, moderators and other users at the same time - are having special chatting environment with different chat icons and chat smileys.

Chat rooms are widely used by not only young chatters but also mature people chat to improve their business. Chat rooms with good chatting backgrounds are amazing to have fun! Rewards are given on chats by users in online chat rooms.

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