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What happened to an innocent virgin sixteen-year-old new to the ways of what in England are called public schools because, of course, they offer only private fee paying education.

I was the only child of a couple with ambitions for their daughter beyond the reach of their money it seemed. It some ways it might have been better had I stayed at state school, but my parents wanted things, as they thought, better still for me and none of us knew that events would turn out as they did.

What attracted my parents to send me to St Catherine's was the promotion in the academy's literature of the positive discrimination self-evidently provided by an all-female environment, teachers and pupils both.

Indeed, at my pre-transfer interview in London, with my parents present, the academy's head had convinced my folks that for me to be kept away from boys for a short while would do no harm at all to my educational and consequently my career prospects.

At state school so far, I was good, better than good, at everything academic and was heading for a university place, probably at the best. I was the best runner in my school; advantaged by my long legs, though, since I had become a teenager, I did not want to do exercise that would make me unfeminine: I did not want to develop obvious muscles.

I asked to have Josephine and Marion pointed out to me. Jo was a truly lovely looking eighteen-year-old young woman, a brunette with an hourglass figure.Synopsis: Interviewed in "Confessions Confidential" on TV last year, the stunningly lovely Melody Smith made veiled reference to events that happened to her when, as a teenager, she transferred to the girls only St Catherines Academy in Scotland to finish her schooling. Melody Smith's Schooldays by Eve Adorer Chapter 1 - My New School If we are only beautiful when we are young, when I was young I was, believe me I was, extremely beautiful. But what you want to hear about, what everybody wants to hear about since my famous, or should that now be infamous, television interview, is the full-uncensored truth of what happened in my final school days. My face is everywhere and pictures of my face and body, clothed and not, challenge all young women to a competition with me they have absolutely no chance of winning.When it ended, all the prefects joined the head-girl in looking at me. I could hear the word "yes" from almost every lip it seemed. Then the head-girl turned toward me having checked the consensus. "Good" said the head-girl, without waiting for, and clearly not considering I had any right to an answer.The other girls around me were ordered by a gesture to leave a full clear view of me. "Well, Smith" the head-girl continued menacingly, "You will report to the prefects' quarters at 18.00 hours sharp today. "Don't be late." I could never explain the way this hit my mind, let alone my body between my lovely legs.

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