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Jaden was gleeful as she turned a dining chair in to the room and sat down.She had spanked Velvet before so there was nothing new there, but she had the feeling that just maybe she would get the full spanking rights over her that she already had over Alexis when she was caught out lying.She stood up and standing right in front of Velvet held out her hand and demanded, "I’ll take that," pointing at the hairbrush.Velvet gave her mum a pleading look but as she was met with silence slowly and reluctantly handed the hairbrush to Jaden.

She's only sixteen-years-old and I got laughed at when you put her in charge of me last time."Valentine was still riled by the argumentative attitude of her eldest daughter and replied firmly, "Well Jaden is the most sensible of you girls so it doesn't matter that she is the youngest.The invite came from Velvet."Valentine was so annoyed with Velvet as she made her way home and by the time she got there she was really livid.Velvet was wearing a sleeveless light blue dress with a hem halfway down her thigh and had bare legs as it was so warm out."You still didn't say anything when I spanked Alexis did you? But mum, I'm twenty-three-years-old so too old for a spanking. Now go get the hairbrush or I'll spank you again in the morning."Velvet screwed up her face but knew she deserved to be spanked."Velvet couldn't think of anything to help her defence and just shrugged her shoulders and said in an off-hand tone, " She probably deserved a spanking for something anyway."That only made Valentine even more annoyed. She should have told her mum it was her party then maybe she would have been only scolded but she just thought it funny that Jaden got the spanking.

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