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“The consumer is not protected when you have this kind of consolidation.”The federal government barely blinked when Luxottica Group, the world’s largest frame manufacturer, extended its reach and influence beyond design.

It now controls 20 percent of the retail market in the United States, including ownership of national chain stores, such as Lens Crafters and Pearle Vision. From the local doctor’s office to the well-known retail chain, these places mark up the price of your frames and lenses by about 250 percent.

She had her prescription but Warby Parker needed one more piece of information to make her glasses — the distance between her pupils.

Ultimately, Chi had to pay at a local optometry clinic to get her pupillary distance, or PD. And the Italian company, which also owns everything from brands like Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban to the Sunglasses Hut chain, has cracked down on giving out the PD measurement.

The company did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

You’re at the mall, looking to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. The same company you’ve never heard of controls their eyewear department, too.

Schumer explained that Luxoticca has a monopoly-like hold over the eyewear industry and that this push, along with other actions, could help weaken this hold.

Additionally, many health plans do not adequately cover eye care, while forces patients to pay out of pocket.“I feel Senator Schumer maybe a little misinformed here,” says Optometry Times Chief Optometric Editor Ernie Bowling, OD, FAAO.

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