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Stephanie, Gia, their friend Melissa from school, and Kimmy start a band, with Jesse as their manager. Kimmy goes off to Reno, Nevada to get married to her boyfriend, Duane, after getting turned down by every single College in California, and the family thinks it is D. marrying Nelson because she didn't get into Stanford, where she had always wanted to go to, and she left a note telling them where she went, but a hungry Comet chewed it up and what's left is what seems like D. saying she's getting married to Nelson in Reno, but what she actually wrote was that Kimmy was getting married and that she was with Nelson on her way to Reno. Danny and Jesse hurry to Reno to stop the supposed wedding, only to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Joey meets the Queen of England, but while trying to get a picture for Michelle, is mistaken as an assassin and tackled by security guards. Jesse, however, decides to take the blame when he is caught in the car after trying to put the hood up because it was raining, but D. J.: he actually likes seeing who can pull the best prank on him.

But they are more concerned with looks and attitude than rehearsing. They also find an empty jewelry case, which they thought was for a ring, but was really just rented earrings that Nelson had gotten for D. Michelle and Becky's cooking causes some bad digestion for the Tanners. and Stephanie, and attend a Counting Crows concert, so D. and Stephanie tease her by making up a story that she has "Smedrick's Disease".

Danny turns out to be excellent, and Jesse fears that he will have to put Danny in the band until he is blown away via an audition by Viper, a young rebel who is smitten with D. Michelle makes 1 selling lemonade to construction workers on an unseasonably hot day, and when Kimmy goes with her to the candy store to spend her money, she gets sidetracked and ends up buying a donkey (whom she names Shorty) at a petting zoo instead, causing much trouble amongst the family, such as D.

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Jesse and Michelle get locked in a toy store on Christmas Eve when they attempt to return a gift to the grumpy owner (Mickey Rooney). The owner then dresses as Santa Claus and comes to the Tanners' home, after they realize what a nice man he is. Luckily, Joey finds a new dessert, flan, and likes it and the twins apologize for their behavior, while Danny apologizes to Becky for being jealous of her, saying that he wanted Michelle to be proud of him. After being teased by her sisters and Kimmy while shopping for shoes, Michelle believes that her feet are too big. Jesse, unknowingly, gets lessons in basketball from him.

But on the night of the dance, Ryan doesn't show up, and Danny tries to take charge of the situation, only to make it worse. But when Danny and Elizabeth's mother put too much pressure on each of their children to win, Michelle and Elizabeth go off riding for fun instead of going through with the competition. a date to the senior prom, Stephanie tries to rehearse for a play, and Jesse and Joey consider adding to their already busy agenda. is disappointed that she will miss the prom, but Kimmy tells her that she found another date for her in and Steve (Scott Weinger) walks in the door. The family greets Steve and Michelle asks Jesse how out of it she was.

When Michelle attempts to get her horse to jump over a log, the horse panics and Michelle is thrown off, hitting her head and being knocked unconscious. Michelle gets amnesia after suffering a concussion from a fall and cannot remember who she is or who her family is. Jesse tells her that she was pretty out of it and that it was like a part of her was missing so then a part of all of them was, but that they got through it.

Later, Gia invites Stephanie to go for another joy-ride, but D. stops Stephanie from going by warning her and threatening to tell Danny if she goes. and Kimmy go to a college fraternity party, where Kimmy gets drunk. In the subplot, the twins begin to hate Michelle after she hurts their feelings by yelling at them. Jesse discovers Becky's bad singing when she joins him, Joey and Danny in singing the boys a bedtime song, (House at Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins).

Stephanie gets mad at her, but later realizes that D. saved her life after learning Gia and the boys were in a bad car accident. Upon leaving the party, they argue over what really happened and Kimmy gets mad at D. Meanwhile, Joey makes meals which the family does not approve of. and Stephanie make a bet on how long they can go without junk food, and Jesse tries to control the twins, who act up at a restaurant. Jesse agrees to take part in a charity basketball game, but he clearly does not have any skills or knowledge of basketball.

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