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For the true ballers, we suggest looking into a bowling league.

where Lady and Tramp accidentally kiss while eating pasta and it's the most romantic thing ever of all time?

Highly rated, with artful presentations (and small portions), the food is pretty fantastical -- and actually filling.

In-between-set trips to the bar are prime chat opportunities.A simple "is this outlet taken," or "what kind of tea is that? That graphic designer with the Chuck Taylors and Colin Farrell eyes isn't going to ask himself out, is he?The Metro Certain events lend themselves to traveling as a romantic couple.Oh, and ask your server for a little history lesson on who's sat at your table before. Here's what you do: call ahead of time (they ask for three weeks notice) and ask to speak to someone about booking Table 70 at Vivo (one of the most sought-after tables in the city).This absolutely charming, secretive little spot sits in an old elevator shaft above the rest of the (already) romantic restaurant.

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