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One in three women admit to watching porn, according to a 2015 research.It's really only been in the last five to eight years that adult studios have been targeting women and couples as consumers of adult movies and this has seen a huge increase in quality romance that would rival (and up the sexy notch, of course! Who knows porn better than those who work and live in the industry?There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!Mainly because there worthless and populated with fake profiles.Their affair becomes messy when a man enters the picture, promising the young artist fame, fortune, and his cock.I watched all the way to the end to find out who she chose!It was a very simple story, but it was ultimately what prompted me to say, 'Wow, there are adult studios that do care about story, content, and overall production value that are compelling to watch! "When I read the script in various stages, I began to fall in love with the movie, and that was only the beginning.A fallen Angel (played by yours truly) roams the earth in limbo until encountering love but her love interest is none other than the boyfriend of the woman she was "in charge" of in the very powerful opening of the movie.

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"This is one of my favorite romantic adult films because the characters choose the deepest kind of love, the kind which allows another to fully be, even when it's not comfortable. In the process of being true to someone else, they find themselves. The dialogue got me to think about unconditional love and how far I would go for someone I loved, and what I might find out about myself in the process.

I liked the pacing and how long the crushes built up before the desires were fulfilled.

I liked the awkwardness and the innocence and the sweetness.

"I love movies with a love triangle as a key element of the plot, and Paint provides a very original twist on this: girl meets girl; girl loves girl; girl meets boy; girl seduced by boy; girl must choose between boy and girl.

In , a mature lesbian artist takes a girl with a lot of artistic promise under her wing in the studio and the bedroom.

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