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The three of us went to your bedroom and your husband began holding up bra and panty sets, slips, nightgowns and the like.As we sat on the bed watching your husband, something new in and of itself, you began nuzzling my neck and I responded in kind.If you wish to remain and watch us then you must be silent so as not to disturb us.I was surprised by your commanding tone (and a little amused) but your husband was thunderstruck!You returned to the bed, put your arms around my neck and said, “I am yours for the taking lover, make love with me and pull out all the stops.” With that you pushed me back onto the bed and got on top of me and we kissed for a long, long time. “God-dammit Audrey that is our bed you are `messin around in! ” Poor Jeff pushed and shifted and squirmed, but he got it all in.” We paused to see that your husband had stood from the chair and was standing over the bed glaring at us. With that you turned the chair and commanded him to sit.

” “But that hurts a little and I want my camera…” Jeff began.Further, the private veranda on a cruise ship affords a photogenic backdrop for many sexually charged photos and videos. While the trip was his idea, as you and I warmed to the idea, he became a bit cranky about the limits of his access to you.Once he learned that he would have to wait until the trip was over to ‘reclaim’ you, your husband began dragging his feet. Yes, our trip tugged at his desires to watch you with another man.She would gently (and sometimes not so gently) lick and nibble my nipples while I would anchor my palm on her buttock with my thumb gently twirling inside her vagina.We could calm or excite each other by the pace or intensity of the movement.

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