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52% of respondents said they have never had a relationship with anyone they had met via an app.

Overall, users are generally satisfied with the functionality of their apps.

However, this is one area where Grindr scored less than other leading apps, with 36% of its users expressing disappointment.

Blued, a dating app used mostly in China and with a growing community in South East Asia, scored particularly well.

Nearly a dozen agents offer trips to Thailand for gay tourists, with ads showing travellers partying on yachts decorated with rainbow streamers and balloons.

The relaxed atmopshere offers a rush of liberation for those who make the trip.

Overall, 27% of respondents said they have had at least one short-term relationship with someone they had met through any of the gay dating apps they use.

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You may republish data in this survey, subject to acknowledgement of both Travel Gay Asia and Gay Star News as the source.Homeosexuality was classified as a mental illness in China until 2001 and a crime until 1997, and authorities have arrested gay rights activists.That makes Thailand, renowned for its more permissive attitude towards sexuality, an alluring holiday option for gay Chinese looking to cut loose away from family pressures and censorious eyes.Almost all gay dating apps offer both a free and paid-for version of there service (providing users additional functionality or removing limits on messaging).Our survey reveals only a small minority of users actually pay to use the apps.

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