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Using RAG1 sequence data from 76 extant taxa and the new fossil specimens two of several calibrations, we estimate that the most recent common ancestor of Lepidosauria lived at least 242 Mya (238–249.5), and crown-group Squamata originated around 193 Mya (176–213).

A Early/Middle Triassic date for the origin of Lepidosauria disagrees with previous estimates deep within the Permian and suggests the group evolved as part of the faunal recovery after the end-Permain mass extinction as the climate became more humid.

The new fossil material described here comprises two partial dentaries: a right bone exposed in lateral view bearing six teeth (SMNS 91060) and a left bone exposed in lingual view bearing two large teeth posteriorly and at least seven distinctly smaller teeth anteriorly (SMNS 91061).

The locality preserves deposits from a freshwater lake a few kilometers in diameter.

The Vellberg fossil locality is expected to become an important resource for providing a more balanced picture of the Triassic and for bridging gaps in the fossil record of several other major vertebrate groups. An accurate estimate for when this clade originated is crucial for appreciating the ecological context in which it first evolved in addition to its subsequent diversification.

Currently, the oldest fossil records of Lepidosauria are rhynchocephalian and Late Triassic in age (228–235 Mya, Carnian): ].

However, molecular age estimates for Lepidosauria have been problematic; dates for the most recent common ancestor of all lepidosaurs range between approximately 226 and 289 Mya whereas estimates for crown-group Squamata (lizards and snakes) vary more dramatically: 179 to 294 Mya.

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Both specimens were scanned using a X-Tek HMX 160 micro CT scanner in the Department of Engineering at the University of Hull using the following parameters: scan energy 80k V, u A 22 (SMNS 91060) and u A 20 (SMNS 91061), aperture 75%, 1000 projections averaging 16 frames per projection.

All characters were equally weighted and unordered.

In the few cases where taxa exhibited multiple states for the same character, the state was treated as uncertain (by default, PAUP* treats uncertain multistate characters as polymorphism, whilst Mr Bayes treats them as total uncertainty, which could potentially lead to larger differences in inferred trees if the matrix contains many multiple state characters). Bootstrap support for clades found by PAUP* were calculated from 1000 replicates of heuristic search using TBR and random addition.

Lepidosauria (lizards, snakes, tuatara) is a globally distributed and ecologically important group of over 9,000 reptile species.

The earliest fossil records are currently restricted to the Late Triassic and often dated to 227 million years ago (Mya).

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