Gpupdate not updating policy

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Forcing Group Policy to Update Immediately When considering how to make the Group Policy changes to apply immediately you should consider these points: To be clear, using GPUpdate /force is quite helpful as a troubleshooting tool when there’s a problem downloading or applying policy.

But it’s the wrong tool for its most common use: immediately applying a setting change.

Ok fixed this problem just in case anyone else ever has it here was the fix I cam up with.1st I have no idea why half the computers did this but the easy fix was to log in to the users computer as the domain admin.

go to the users folder and remove the users folder that is having the trouble.

I have never seen anything like this, anyone got some idea's. You say if you log into their pc everything works like it should. Is it configured for user or computer configuration? If you think the number of posts you have coincides with your status you are wrong. If your post doesn't help the requester and only starts a flame war think before replying.

Have you tried having one of them log into your pc? If you are moderator and contribute to these things you should have your privileges revoked.

If new or changed policies exist, they are applied to the computer.

Most of the content I teach is focused on enterprise environments – that is, generally, more than 5,000 systems.

So I edited the Group Policy and under User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Personalization, I set the ‘Screen saver timeout’ to 600 seconds.

Then I ran GPUpdate /force on the HR computers to get the setting.” A common alternate ending to that story is replacing the GPUpdate /force command with rebooting the computer.

Neither rebooting the computer nor running GPUpdate /force are necessary.

Group Policy Updates Itself Yup, the Group Policy service on all domain-joined client computers regularly checks with Active Directory to see if anything has changed.

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