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Multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars.

Players can create their own personalised custom car in the game.

They say football is a game of opinions and everyone has theirs, but it’s only yours that counts around here.

You make the decisions now, from who you sign and who you sell, to how you manage your budget.

Sports Science – The new Medical Centre gives you a more complete overview of your squad’s injury situation, with your medical team providing advice on feedback on individual players’ injury risks and how to avoid injuries occurring during training.

Exciting collaborations between various automotive manufacturers and collaborations with brands crossing different industries will be revealed gradually across the next six months.if you pre order from Gamestop, you get 20 cars right from the start, rather than waiting to unlock them. If you pre order from Amazon, you get an extra 1,000,000 cr. NOTE: All vehicles in Gamestop pre order pack will still be available in the game whether or not you pre ordered it from Gamestop.I saw also BMW Z8, Pagani Huayra, Pagani Huayra, Ford GT40 Road Car, Ford Focus ST (not sure if blue one is a tuned version by GT), I saw that LOtus Europa Special\'71 which is also a premium car, Cizeta V16T (blue- same for Focus) which was converted for premium car, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette C2 which is a premium Car and a Ferrari 250 Lusso. v=k PLerv Z9--E GOOD NEWS: The release of the game is 6 DECEMBER! I dont have the time but if someone can add the new cars from here: here: and here (in the video)for the last cars that isn\'t in the others pages: dont have the time but if someone can add the new cars from here: here: and here (in the video)for the last cars that isn\\'t in the others pages: I am currently uploading the new screenshots from Gamescom.For those wondering about premium & standard cars in GT6 "We wont be making all the Standard cars from GT5 into Premium models, and we wont make all of the GT5′s Standard cars fully Premiumized." also there is this "Will all of the cars have interior views?No"If you read the whole news, he meant that some of the standard cars will have body mofication and it will be possible to take photos of them. Couple of cars from GT5 will be premium now and couple more will have body mods and ability to be used in photo mode. The GT6 will feature: New Game Engine Refactoring Compact, nimble operation Flexible expandability A new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the PS3 New Physics Engine New suspension and kinematics model New tyre model New aerodynamics model Technical partnership with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive 1,200 Cars, abundant custom parts, and on-going DLC From historic cars to the latest racing cars, the game contains a total of 1200 cars.

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not updating since new heads added