Gta san andreas dating katie zhan

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Sex Appeal Every woman loves a sexy man, make sure you're packing lots of it if you want to date one of these women, but nice clothes (not something form Sub Urban, but Didier Sachs), get a nice cut, get inked up, and of course, roll up in luxury.

Cars make for a big portion of sex appeal, so make sure you don't roll up in something like a multicoloured Clover, and make sure it's not been in a few wrecks, try to drive cautiously after you jack the ride that you plan on taking to her house.

A successful date boosts your progress up 5% with her.

Pay Attention To Her If you ignore her long enough, she will dump your ass, and then it's back to your right hand, you don't want that do you?

Location: Unlocked after the mission 'Burning Desire'Available: - Likes: N/A. Rewards: - At 50% she gives you the keys to her Green Hustler.- 100% unlocks the Pimp Suit which will then be delivered to your wardrobe.

Katie Zhan She's a nurse who can be found practicing Thai Chi at the edge of the golf course in the Avispa country club in san Fierro.

Rewards: - 35% unlocks the Key.- 50% unlocks her Pink Club.- 100% unlocks nothing!

Additional Info: - She likes average speed.- She also likes the area she lives in so don't stray to far.- She'll start inviting you in for coffee at 40%.- She'll invite you in straight away if your wearing the gimp suit.- Many people had problems with Millie not being available. To fix it simply turn up at the given time dressed in the Gimp suit. Double Ended Dildo: Foundd in the Showers of the LS police Staion. I might update later with the different types of dates that are available. Boat School is only accesable after completing the mission "Pier 69" in San Fierro.

Additional Info:- Drive fairly slow.- She does'nt like where she lives so take her to a bar outside her neighbourhood.- She'll start inviting you in for coffee at 50%.

Name: Location: Unlocked after the mission 'Key to her Heart'Available: to and -Likes: Fast cars, Gimp suit and double-sided dildos.

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