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As such I don’t find myself bonding with them as tools in the way I do with my Leicas, or indeed as I did with my Nikons before.

Now you might ask why I am so driven to replace them so frequently?

The original had the aforementioned impossibly slow autofocus, but there were plenty of other problems ranging from significant to the seemingly quite odd.

Even the A7R shutter button felt like it was in the wrong place!

I posted a few in my Jupiter-3 post, there’s even a picture of one of them in the post about the Yashica lens mod… Prior to getting my M9 I kept getting asked to include a few digital results in reviews.It’s not like the Nikon or Canon systems of SLR’s where advancements amount to little more than minor refinements.The difference between the first gen Sony A7R and second-gen Sony A7Rii is stunning.Thankfully Sony thought it wise to implement autofocus that actually functions into both of these cameras.In fact, it actually works so well now that I haven’t dreamed of throwing either of them out of the window for autofocus issues, even once…

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