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Leave it to role-playing video games to pave the way for characters on the autism spectrum.At least, that is definitely the case with Brigid Tenenbaum, a character in the popular game “Bio Shock.” Game creator Ken Levine describes Brigid as “a high-functioning autistic Jewish woman” who must learn to live in the game’s not-so-bright-and-sunny world.Asperger’s or not, Brennan is easily one of the most interesting and likable characters on TV.The legal drama “Boston Legal,” from the early 2000s, is likely one of the earliest television shows to have a character with Asperger’s.” Though it’s never a stated fact in the film, the character of Amelie Poulain in the film “Amelie” displays a number of tendencies that one with Asperger’s would display, and the character is proudly claimed by the Aspie community as one of their own.Those who insist Amelie falls on the Autism Spectrum cite things like her general quirkiness, the way she often misunderstands other people and situations, her constantly subdued expressions, and her sensory hypersensitivity.Meanwhile, those on the spectrum are sure to feel less alone when they are able to recognize characters like them.

“The Boy Who Could Fly” is about an autistic boy named Eric.While so many other autistic characters are portrayed as being asexual, teenage Tina is a refreshing version of the opposite as she spends most episodes obsessively composing erotic fan fiction.Asperger’s in women is often much harder to detect and diagnose due to symptoms that are often subtle and widely varying, which may go a ways in explaining why female characters with Asperger’s are so rare. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on the hit crime drama “Bones.” Though actress Emily Deschanel and series creator Hart Hanson will only go as far as to say that Brennan “almost” has Asperger’s, the series heroine displays a number of telltale signs: a lack of interest in being social, a sharp intellect and knack for scientific facts, and an elementary understanding of sarcasm.She yearns for affection and various social graces, doesn’t vary in her emotions, and turns the literal into laugh-out-loud humor.While the writers have as much fun as they possibly can with a character like Sheldon, Amy serves as a reminder that female Aspies can have a lot in common with just about any other girl.

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